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Ruby on Rails: Porque hay mejores maneras de cortarse las venas que escribiendo PHP

The Web development framework “Ruby on Rails” has gained adepts with an impressive speed. What brings this success on? Ruby is a very comfortable and expressive language, and clearly a young language. Even being quite a nontypical language at a first look -to say the least-, after not such a long time, it becomes just natural and we start wondering how we managed to go by without it. But Ruby’s comfortability is nothing but the first step towards Rails. Rails’ complete style keeps in the programmer’s mind the best way to go through the easiest path - And I mean long-term easiest path. It is strictly built adhering to the Model-View-Controller pattern. Another fundamental point is that it is defined as strongly opinionated software: Phrases such as “Convention over Configuration”, “Don’t Repeat Yourself”, and others will lead us to understand why Rails has empowered Ruby’s growth. With this talk, I want just to present this environment to the audience. I do not show off the typical -and, in my opinion, ridiculous- demonstrations on how complete systems can be built in just minutes, but I will present some of the main points that getting in touch with Rails has most impacted my way of working, both inside Rails and in other languages and frameworks<ul>

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    Fhernd 2009-05-01 19:30:00

    I will try Ruby…

    Hi! Thanks for this information… I am thinking to test Ruby on Rails… Now I searching information about this Web Framework, and this I encountered easyful. So long!