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Ok, the time has come. I have postponed this change too much - But finally, after three months of having hired my Dreamhost account (and stating so in this very blog), I finally made the switch from Jaws to Drupal. Now I only hope I don’t flood any planets with my RSS (I was careful to check the dates are consistent, but you never know), finish moving over my static content (I carried over about half of it already), play a bit with the theme, and… that’s it! :D Anyway, I promised my oh-so-not-generic-but-what-the-heck Jaws (0.7 at least) to Drupal (5.x) migration script. It worked like a charm - Ok, I only used it to move blog and photo albums/entries, but that’s at least the most typical use AFAICT. Now, I’ll have to understand still some more terms and details in Drupal. For example, WTF? Why was renamed to (stated content-type, I guess) Why do my uploaded tar.gz files get renamed to tar_.gz even if I explicitly requested to allow .tar.gz suffix uploads? (same thing, I guess)

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Anonymous 2008-02-04 19:50:40

I do like de grey way…

I do like de grey way…

Kartik Mistry 2008-02-04 20:34:17

The new head

Wow! The new blog looks fine and also your new shiny head :)