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Tutorial de programación en shell (bash / bourne) / Shell (bash/bourne) programming tutorial

Tutorial (not completely finished) I gave together with Rodrigo Galladro at Congreso Nacional de Software Libre (CONSOL 2002). There are many aspects in this tutorial that are just outlined, but I hope you find it useful. You can grab the source LyX document; it is available also translated to HTML and as a PDF document. As a complement, you might be interested also in the advanced Bash tutorial outline I prepared for a talk in late 2007; it is based on Octavio Ruiz (Tacvbo)’s tutorial. It only mentions the points I went over, but still, it can be a useful compendia.


bash_tut_outline.txt (2 KB)

tut_shell.html (49 KB)

tut_shell.lyx (53 KB)

tut_shell.pdf (198 KB)


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