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Keep the simplest things DRY and rolling

What’s the best way to join a community, any community? Little by little. I have been working with Ruby on Rails for well over a year already, even given a talk (at Encuentro Nacional Linux y Software Libre ENLi) inviting other people to use this very nice and well thought out environment. But, so far, I’ve been only a end-user, not really giving anything back besides minor bug reports. Well, it’s not as much as to say that I’m now a contributor - this is just a first statement of intent. I have worked a bit on several bits of code I keep repeating and hand-copying over my different Rails projects. Of course, that’s completely not DRY - And completely not nice. So I decided to stop advancing on several projects, and learn my way on stting those bits of code as Rails plugins. So far, it’s been quite simple - and a good excercise on proper separation. I started, of course, with the easiest bit of code I could think of as useful in a general sense, and packaged it up as acts_as_catalog (of course, proper SVN tree and very basic, introductory README. And, of course, as I keep progressing with this work, I’ll keep adding some plugins to my currently quite empty RubyForge page. Anyway… Little by little, time will come where we have to think more seriously on how to properly bring together the Ruby on Rails style to work more tightly with Debian. Currently, the two have such different points of view on how to manage and ship components that I am not sure we will be able to truly bridge them together… But it is definitively worth trying. Hmh, looks like a task for Debconf! ;-)