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Closed numbers are cool

I like them. And if there is such a thing, I hope they carry good luck with them - Not that I believe in good luck, but anyway - Yesterday was a very good day, in quite many fronts. And it’s nice to make a nice, closed leap on so many bases:

>> puts [was,am].map {|age| [98,111,100,120].map {|s| sprintf "%#{s.chr}", age}.join(', ')}
11111, 37, 31, 1f
100000, 40, 32, 20

And just for coolness sake: It gets even better when looking at coincidence with my father - at least for the next couple of months:

>>puts [f_was, f_is].map {|age| [98,111,100,120].map {|s| sprintf "%#{s.chr}", age}.join(', ')}
111111, 77, 63, 3f
1000000, 100, 64, 40

So, in most useful systems, we are both in a very nice and closed number. Sadly, I can no longer say that five bits should be enough for anybody.


Almost Anonymous 2008-04-28 18:02:54

numbers are numbers. But if

numbers are numbers. But if there ir such a thing like good luck, it is always welcomed. even if we don´t believe in it at all…

(good days - the very good ones - turn everything nicer, don`t you think so? they are not easy to find, but if you got one…. congratulations!!!)

Anonymous 2008-04-28 23:41:33

I did not understood this

I did not understood this post, what a “closed number” is supposed to be?