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Silent soundtracks

Vicm3, you know I’d probably ignore this, as following internet memes goes against my principles. But what are the principles there, if not to break them? Ok, so what you request is, basically, to get a list of sounds to build my life’s soundtrack. Following the list you mentioned, it is quite exhaustive, creative and long. In my case, some other time, I’d probably jump over some über-sarcastic Leo Masliah and the like. Particularly, I would not ever talk about my life without his Todo así. But not today. Today, I’d love my life’s movie to be an old-fashioned, mute movie. Yes, quite in line with the nice grey life theme I’ve had on my blog for several months… I’d love having a nice, quiet, mute movie, just letting me live along, think a bit, work a bit… Settle down on too many things, lead to some peace. No, this message bears no dedication to any character or person I have or will meet. Just inner my mood and needs.