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Vote casted!

Some readers might not now that Debian is in this annual process where we vote for our Leader for the following next year. I just submitted my vote. I think it is worth mention that this year there is very little discussion on this subject among DDs. Also, I’ve practically seen nobody publicly posting their votes or preferences, as it is usual (well, usually we get maybe 10 votes posted to the planet or the different lists). It must be related to the fact that this year we have neither a candidate or quasi-candidate who raises passions for or against (as the two last years), nor there are very significant differences between the three candidates. They are all quite OK, IMHO, uncontroversial. This years’ elections will probably be the first (at least, since I was accepted in the project) where no candidate is ranked below None of the above. And that, I think, is a good sign. It might be more boring, but shows maturity ;-) And yes, it also shows off good work from our current (and active, and much loved) leader, Sam. …And yes, I’m not posting my vote either. As things are, the platforms/rebuttals/debate did shape my vote a bit, but the main differentiator ended up being… My personal relationship and opinion towards each of them.


cmot 2008-04-06 23:56:32


Well, you asked for it …

My guess is that 111- will be a quite frequent choice from those who (like me) don’t know the candidates from direct interaction…

– vbi

gwolf 2008-04-08 13:26:02


And it is a good sign, /methinks.