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eSATA, USB and friends

Andrew asks about Linux-friendly eSATA controllers. A long time ago, I also looked for some - but basically no one seems to know about that, or will try to rip your eyes for it. In January, however, I looked for (and bought) an external USB enclosure for SATA disks. As portability was more important than speed, I only asked for USB. Good, got the kit, paid for it. The external enclosure had an external eSATA port. Not only that, it shipped with a standard PC expansion slot bracket and adaptor - Yes, it connects to your internal SATA port, and provides an external eSATA port. And, of course, it will work with your current kernel painlessly. And, of course, it is even cheaper than a SATA controller with an external port.


gwolf 2008-06-18 10:41:05

Of course - because I don’t have it :-)

I bought it as a present for a friend. So, Friend, if you happen to read this, please reply.

Marcos Dione 2008-06-18 10:02:45

manufacturer and model?

hi gunnar. it’s nice to know such a thing exists, but you forgot to mention manufacturer and model.

vicm3 2008-06-20 15:40:42

Sorry for the delay

It’s an AZIO External HD Kit Model: ENC311SU31 eSata + USB2.0 Aluminium HD. [1]

I haven’t used the eSata feature yet (even when I had a nice PCI controller with such option, collecting dust in his box), as I been thinking about changing my home storage + dev machine… the USB works out of the box with linux, currently I have a 500GB Seagate Barracuda (7200RPM 8MB) with 2 Partitions one with EXT3 and the other with NTFS. BTW a lot of thanks Gunnar, I now only need an excuse to make a RAID0 here ;) and or change my storage machine.