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Acer Aspire One fan control

Almost a month ago, Mauro pointed towards acerfand, a daemon to keep the Acer Aspire One’s fan quiet while not needed. Thanks, Mauro, you made my life more pleasant ;-) Today I had some free time in my hands (of course, putting aside everything else I should be doing), so I decided to un-uglify my machine. I hate having random stuff in /usr/local! So I packaged Rachel Greenham’s acerfand for Debian. It should hit unstable soon. Of course, it will not make it to Lenny - which is a shame, giving how nicely Lenny recognizes everything in this sweet machine. So, I have set up a repository for it - Once the package is formally accepted in Debian, and once lenny-backports comes to life there, I will move it to Anyway, you can add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb lenny acer deb-src lenny acer

Note that in the future, this package might provide some more niceties… I decided to -at least for now- stash away acer_ec in /usr/share/acerfand, but it does open a nice window to the AAO’s EC(?) registers… And could be useful for many other things. [Update]: Following Matthew’s comments, both on this blog post and on the ITP bug, I am not uploading acerfand to Debian. Still, I’m using the program and find it working fine, and quite useful. You can use it from my personal repository, as written above.


agel 2009-02-21 02:42:00

thanks for information.

thanks for information.

arquitecto 2009-12-18 11:53:54


Por este medio me dirijo a usted, expresandole mi más sincera admiración; soy un usuario final de Debian GNU/Linux y le conozco por medio de Debian ya que tengo entendido usted es uno de los tres desarrolladores del proyecto Debian en México, yo algún día espero lograr integrarme al equipo de desarrollo ya que es una de mis metas.

Estoy escribiendo un tutorial en la comunidad: EsDebian sobre la Acer Aspire One D250,la cual puede localizar en:

Me dirijo a usted para solicitarle su opinión y ¿porqué no? hacerlo disponible desde la wiki de: Debian Acer Aspire One si usted lo considera razonablemente útil para la comunidad, yo solo soy un usuario final pero con muchos deseos de integrarme a las comunidades de Debian.

De antemano gracias por su atención y Féliz Navidad y Prospero 2010.

Atentamente: Jaime Evaristo Ruiz Olivares.

arquitecto 2009-12-21 21:16:50

Gracias por el consejo y haré

Gracias por el consejo y haré lo que me ha dicho.

Que pase usted junto a sus seres queridos una Féliz Navidad y Prospero 2010.

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charlie 2009-01-17 08:20:41

Any updates on the acer fan problem?

Hi, I got Debian installed in my Aspire One a few days ago and run into the bug report about acerfan on the wiki. Do you know if it has been fixed with the newer bios out there (latest is 3309 i think). How has acerfand been working for you?

gwolf 2008-10-06 21:15:00

No fun with the new BIOS…

I just downloaded and installed the newer BIOS version - and it makes no difference, AFAICT. Seems like I’ll stick to the acerfand, at least for personal use (although not for Debian at large)

gwolf 2008-10-06 21:17:08

Umh, I’ll take your word for it

After all, it would be quite foolish not to listen to you on this topic ;-) Still, I’ve been using it on my laptop, and will continue to do so (and to offer it on my unofficial apt repo)… But yes, I’ll cancel my ITP. Thanks!

gwolf 2009-01-19 05:39:29

Works fine for me…

I am using acerfand, and it works without a hiccup. Still, following Matthew’s comments (which are much better informed than my highest hopes so far), I will not upload it to Debian. Still, you can add my personal repository, as shown in the post body.

gwolf 2009-01-24 06:43:12

Re: Fan still noisy

Yes, reflashing the BIOS didn’t work for me. As said in my post, I have packaged the acerfand script, and it is available in my personal apt repository (I did not and will not upload it to Debian). Please follow the instructions in the post body - It will install all the needed dependencies, and set it to be auto-started (and you can in any case run /etc/init.d/acerfand start).

gwolf 2009-12-19 06:01:27

Parece un muy buen trabajo!

Hola Jaime,

Estoy un poco apurado y a punto de salir de casa. El modelo de Aspire One que tengo yo es el previo, pero sí, una vez me topé con una D250 y sí hay mucho que hacerle para que funcione sin hipo. Y por lo que veo del artículo que escribiste, te tomaste un muy buen tiempo en hacer una guía completa. A nombre de la humanidad, ¡gracias! :-D

Tú mismo puedes editar las páginas en – Te invito a hacerlo, aunque sea poniendo una liga a tu página, o completando lo que haga falta.

Nuevamente, estoy algo apurado, así que no puedo comentar más (quisiera revisar más a fondo de lo que el tiempo me permite), pero tu trabajo se ve muy meritorio.


Matthew Garrett 2008-10-04 12:52:04

Nasty race conditions

Be aware that hitting the EC io ports directly (like the script does) means that you’re doing so without any locking. If you do that while in the middle of a kernel or firmware ec transaction (or if the firmware preempts you while you’re in the middle of running it), it could result in you writing bad values to arbitrary EC ports. Seriously bad things could happen as a result. I really wouldn’t recommend putting this in a distribution. It really needs to be a kernel driver.

Richard 2009-01-22 15:17:59

Fan still noisy

So I’m running Debian unstable on my AA1 (150 model). I tried installing your acerfand package and it didn’t work.

I tried re-flashing my BIOS to 3309 and it didn’t make any difference to anything.

gwolf: what BIOS version are you on? And what model of AA1 do you have?

Rachel Greenham’s page with the scripts seems to be dead. (Though the Livejournal preview thingy seemed to be able to display it all right, maybe it has a cache?)

So when I try and run acerfand nothing happens. If I try:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/acerfand start


$ sudo /usr/sbin/acerfand

it does absolutely nothing. No error messages. No new process. And still a noisy fan.

The Perl script uses two modules called POSIX and Fcntl. Do I need to install anything to get these?

Steve Parker 2008-10-05 15:33:08

Fan apparently controlled by updated BIOS

The new BIOS controls the fan according to temperature, according to the second comment at

I haven’t tried the new BIOS yet, so can’t confirm.

tonyturf 2011-10-14 13:03:00

Acer Aspire 6920

Hello, great blog. Any help on fan speed for an Acer Aspire 6920? It has been overheating for a few months. It seems the fan is stuck on low speed. It does not seem to ramp up according to temperature. It is a “four wire” fan. I can see the sensors via speedfan. Any help with this would be outstanding as the local computer stores seem to just want o sell me a new laptop. Mine is barely two years old. Thank you.