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Estrategias de virtualización en Linux

Virtualization is the technique (or rather, the set of techniques) that allow to share a single computer’s resources so that, for the user, it appears as several independent computers. There are several motivations to virtualize our systems, such as:

And a very long etcetera.

Virtualization is not a new technique in computer science, not even in the personal computer world - But there are several factors that have led to its rapid popularization in Linux. Now, there are several techniques through which we can get virtualization.

In this talk, I go over the main virtualization technologies currently available (in Linux and in other operating systems), comparing the strongest and weakest points between several of the available methods, and I present some cases, showing how to resolve several needs.


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Anonymous 2008-11-01 19:56:24

que ingles tan.. bueno.. que

que ingles tan.. bueno.. que puedo decir……