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5 million breakfasts a day?

Our municipal (Coyoacán, Mexico City) government announces 5,147,000 breakfasts are served daily in the Coyoacán public schools. Sounds great, doesn’t it? …Until you remember Coyoacán has only 628,000 inhabitants. I’d venture to say, 100,000 children in public schools can be a decent figure. So… Is the government forcing each child to eat 51 breakfasts a day? Truth to be said: A week after the advertisement appeared, it was replaced by other, more believable figures: Over 5 million school uniforms given to the students for free. And now it mentions Distrito Federal, which contains Coyoacán - The total DF population is around 9 million people (from the ~25 million that live in the metropolitan area), say 3-4 million kids in school age, lets assume 2.5 million of them go to public schools. Two uniforms per kid. Sounds possible.


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lanjoe9 2008-12-18 05:41:07

Atole con el dedo

Ah, that’s because out of those 5.147 million breakfasts, 5.1 million were Atole con el dedo :)

How many dedos of atole can a child eat? That’s a question for the tutsi pop owl! But I bet it does stand up to the figures Xd

toxcatl 2009-01-07 11:15:43

Tal vez solo les den de

Tal vez solo les den de comer lo que se conoce como desayunos, a 5 comidas al dia ya hace una gran candidad. Tomemos demas otro dato ¿de cuantos platos se compone una comida decente? al menos 3 (ya tenemos 15 por niño, sacado del 3x5) ¿y si separamos la guarnicion, bebida y tortillas o pan como otro plato mas? aqui ya se dispara ¿si separamos cada pieza de fruta o yogur del postre como otro plato mas? (aqui ya superamos los 5l al dia ¿si?)

Si todo es cuestion de contabilidad creativa… (se nota que soy de letras ¿verdad? ;-)