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Main character for The Gunnar Wolf chronicles

I am afraid to say this… But my good friend Kaz has just created a great iconic representation of this angry viking-like antihero on his crusade to spread Free Software and clobber every naysayer with the DFSG and his own personal interpretation of the Social Contract (where Guideline is defined as… Well, better left as an excercise to the reader. To the very patient reader).

So, the unofficial, unsanctioned and not related in any way to this (or any other) person, dead or alive… But thanks, kaz, for keeping my name alive in this chaos that Internet has become, even while I cannot stand the stupid twitterosity: (English), (Spanish) (And both empty, as far as I can tell)


gwolf 2009-05-19 06:54:09

Let me just restate…

I don’t use, do or condone Twitter. I think Twitter is as stupid, void and useless as it gets. Still, if you are going to follow somebody… Well, follow somebody that says that is somehow affiliated with me ;-)

Kazito 2009-05-19 08:49:00

The Gunnar Wolf Chronicles.

The idea is to make it a semi interactive comic strip. Part of the sequences are stored in a database, part will be live feeds and the comic strip will reply if you @cgunnarwolf_en or @cgunnarwolf_es …

I hope the Gunnar Wolf’s adventure will start on June 6th or before if I have enough time :P hehehe

I know my good friend Gunnar doesn’t like Twitter, but I will make an effort for making the angry viking-like antihero win in his crusade to spread FreeSoftware. ;)

Regards! :)

– Kaz

2009-05-18 23:44:25

Rafael Bucio

i follow now :D haha

2009-05-19 14:18:36

haha ok

haha twitter used to write sentences and ideas (ajam.. sarcasmo) .. senseless things, I think i lost much time at twiiter ..

2009-05-21 03:48:00

(no subject)

Needs smurfin’ up. It ain’t Gunnar if it ain’t blue.