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Summertime, summertime!

Finally, temperatures are back to sanity, and the air is no longer a mass of dust. For us Mexicans (well, for us central-Mexicans), spring is the hot, dry season. In spring, we usually reach up to 30°C… Not too much for many people, but hellish for me. Summer is much more palatable, having decently sunny days, cloudy evenings and a nice shower as it gets dark. Even if it is a bit harder for a cyclist to take the streets, I think this is my favorite season.

This year, we had several (and early!) false starts. I have come to hate April/May’s heath waves (that means I am usually grumpy for my birthday). But finally, we have had almost a week of cloudy skies, with almost daily rains. That makes me happy. But I am even happier when I come to work to my office, look out the window, and am not greeted anymore with a 5Km visibility range, but with 20Km.

Mind you, this photo was taken past 5PM, when the sky turns nice and gray (just as I’ve proclaimed my life to be). According to the Weather Channel’s information on Mexico City, we currently have 16.1Km — Which makes sense, as I can no longer see the Chiquihuite mountain marking the Northern part of the city, but I can perfectly see some buildings near Polanco. The view earlier in the day was… Beautiful, partly perhaps because of the contrast just with last week’s.

Oh, and yes - Once again, thank you very much my dear University. Instead of the closed cubicles many people spend their hours in, this relaxing view was taken from my office’s window. I love it!


2009-05-18 16:18:42


raintime! raintime! raintime! :D at 18o C