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RubyCamp Mexico

RubyCamp UNAM logo Today I attended RubyCamp (schedule available), organized by my friends at Instituto de Física, at my University. I presented three plugins I made and regularly use.

The organizers followed a short, more informal scheme than most conferences I am used to — Talk slots range between 5 and 15 minutes, so we attended a whole day of semi-lightning talks. Of course, many people have run late, and although there was quite a bit of free space in the schedule, it has been practically non-stop — I was thinking on also giving a talk on encodings (as many people really still don’t understand what is UTF-8, what is Latin1, why all that mess — People, please learn at least The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)), but the schedule is full by now. Interesting and successful experiment, I’d say. The talks are being taped, and the organizers say they will be soon made available online.

There are many cultural details to note here. First of all, yes, the Rails Fanboys are a cult/sect. I think we have ~90% of MacBooks… I still fail to understand why a coder feels at ease on MacOS. I deeply despise it! ☻ Also, most of this community have bitten the Twitter plague. This is also a community very much into businessspeak, speaking a word in English for each two words in Spanish (I try to be consistent, not mixing languages at least). Some conferences have been quite business- and enterpeneur-oriented. Although I should not complain too much about this, as it is an important aspect for many people — But I still don’t feel at ease having talks on how to run a business if we were asked for presentations on technical aspects!

Anyway - I was quite happy to be here. This is the first real technical, code-oriented conference I have attended in a long time in Mexico. And we need more like this! We have too many entry-level, evangelization-oriented conferences, but very few like this one.

[update]: Group photo!


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