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Existential questions for a takeaway restaurant

Today, I will eat at my office — It’s the easiest, and as I arrived at ~11:30 and am leaving at ~18:30, I don’t want to invest ~1hr in getting a proper meal, which is at ~3Km from here (joys of working in a very large university, joys of coming to work during the vacational period).

Anyway, I don’t do this often, so I started looking for names of takeaway/delivery restaurants in the area, thinking about a chapata (ciabatta? How would you write it in anything but es_MX?) or something saladish. I have a menu in my fridge door of La Artesa, a bakery that recently opened for business near to my house (~3.5Km from here). So, lets look at their page.

First thing I look for, menu and prices. Bah, Under construction (and in the best 1996 style, even with the animated GIF and all). They don’t want to attract customers, that’s for sure.

However, they do have something very unique, something that sets them apart from any other site I have ever visited: They have the most existentialist Frequently Asked Questions section I have ever seen.

I wonder… Will they have a hidden link to the Frequently Given Answers as well?


Anonymous 2009-07-14 12:08:00

a veces… ni las respuestas

a veces… ni las respuestas mas simples y mas obvias son tan simples y tan obvias. artesa tal vez no sea una simple panaderia, tal vez sea una una panaderia filosofica. hay de todo en este nuevo milenio.

brian m. carlson 2009-07-08 20:13:30


In English (at least en-US), we would say “ciabatta,” and it’s pronounced very similarly to the Spanish “chapata.”

carocr 2009-07-10 00:31:03

la güeb…

A alguien de La Artesa le dijeron que lo de hoy, era tener un sitio web… y así es… tienen un sitio web… (sin ir muy lejos, el otro día buscaba la dirección de algún Italianis y su abominable flash no me dejó)… unos por sofisticados y otros por rudimentarios. Todos chafas.

Cuetzpallin 2009-07-08 13:31:19

Hey, the contact section is

Hey, the contact section is under construction also :-S give me a break!!!

you are on DF right? the contact number is from my dear Puebla… What happened with them? hehehe as I remember, la Artesa opened one or two years before I came to Aguascalientes…

Felipe B. González Carrasco 2009-07-08 15:57:40


Those aren’t FAQs, but rather QWLTA (Questions we’d like to answer).

SAludos desde Iztapalapa

kad 2009-07-09 08:27:00

That’s a parked domain,

That’s a parked domain, that’s all, every link will point to the “under construction” page. But even the home page sucks, big time.