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For those who care about cheap, veggie-friendly, abundant food in Madrid

So, the 6:45 train group managed to leave DebConf in time and arrive to Madrid, very badly slept, but anyway… I missed some of them who I had not yet said goodbye to. Well, 100% coverage is a theoretical maximum after all! Lucas got to see me quite distressed, moneyless and unable to lodge my bulky 30Kg suitcase (including bike and wine).

Anyway, I managed to get things in their proper arrangement, and started walking to get some things done in Madrid. After taking care of said businesses, very close to Puerta del Sol (metro Sol), my body started claiming for food, as fresh as possible. And even more, for water. I remembered the recommendation some days ago to some green thingy outside Chamartín, so I was looking on how to get there.

A woman was handing flyers for a restaurant. She took my eye - Not because of any æsthetical reason, but because she was promoting that precise place, Salads & Co. This place is a_w_e_s_o_m_e. I would eat here every day if it were my call. It seems to be very new, as customers all get the explanation on how to eat here.

There is a very long cold salad bar, 95% veggie-friendly (I only found so far the dreaded bits of chicken for good taste on one of the salads). The hot food bar is much smaller, and it has pizza, spaghetti, potatos and grilled chicken. There is free refill of Pepsi products, and a small dessert section that is frankly not of much interest to me. Oh! And there is free wifi, so I expect to stay here for at least 1hr. Lets see if it is good enough for some VoIP phone calls I must make.

There are five such restaurants:

So, I paid €7.95 (or was it 8.95? Can’t recall). They have another promotion: Until September 17, Sunday through Thursday starting 18:00 they work at 2x1.

So, if you are at Madrid or around it… Take a look at this place.

No, they didn’t pay me for the publicity. They only fed me and kept me happy. Very happy!


gwolf 2009-07-31 11:42:51

Not exactly…

But 4.5 liters plus the six corresponding bottles… Oh, of course, and extra-stinky cheeze!

gwolf 2009-08-05 06:36:03

No, no exactamente…

El pampurrio, sí, sí lo sufrí. Pero respecto al equipaje, llevaba sólo la maleta pequeña (comprada apenas minutos atrás). El equipaje principal lo dejé en consigna en Atocha. Fue una caminata rica - precisamente, desde Atocha hasta Sol. Claro, por la sombrita.

toxcatl 2009-08-04 12:31:55

Hay algo en lo que acabo de

Hay algo en lo que acabo de caer en la cuenta. ¿estuviste por Callao y Sol cargando con todo tu equipaje y no te pasó nada? ¿no te intentaron atracar ni te dió un pampurrio del calor??? ¡Eres mi héroe!!!

toxickore 2009-07-31 07:15:00

The truth is…

You’re a liar, you were carrying 30kgs of wine and no bicycle ;)