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Hyperdimensional vortexes found at Cáceres

Reading from the first entry down (and it should be basically obvious):<ul><li>Spain Avenue</li><li>Hospital of Our Lady on The Hill</li><li>Monumental City</li><li>All Directions</li><li>Mountain Virgin Avenue</li></ol>

…I was too scared to go left. I could have ended up not just anywhere, but everywhere at the same time!

By the way, that unexplainable sign appears quite often in Cáceres.


Adrian Perez 2009-08-01 16:11:40

Hehe, it was very funny as a

Hehe, it was very funny as a Spaniard to realize how people which is not used to those signals reacts in presence of them. In fact, if one takes the meaning of the words literally, the thing is very funny indeed.


Alexander 2009-07-20 14:31:51

I’ve heard that this kind of

I’ve heard that this kind of sign exists in France but didn’t know that Spain had imported the concept. The sign means that you should follow the sign if you want to go out of the town and onwards to some other city. So it’s really “all directions” except anywhere inside the current city.

Anonymous 2009-07-21 09:07:00

Vortex > vortices. – Grammar

Vortex > vortices.

– Grammar nazis to the rescue!

Blaque 2009-07-20 14:50:06

Quite common

Even in France (where I live), these signs are everywhere. There are even some cases that look a bit like this : <- Toutes directions (Any direction) Autres directions (Other directions) -> It can be quite the headache.

Felipe B. González Carrasco 2009-07-21 15:48:00

You should’ve taken the left

You should’ve taken the left path. And the red pill, by the way.

Kno 2009-07-22 02:15:00

In fact, those signs are

In fact, those signs are common in all Spain. The first time I saw one of those was at Sevile, it reads something like: “Portugal all directions”, at that time I thought that Portugal has became the new Rome. You know, “All paths leads to Rome”.

Miriam Ruiz 2009-07-21 00:43:40

Funny signs

When I was a little girl, I often found those direction signs amusing, and I really couldn’t understand what the rest of direction signs really were for, because supposedly wherever you wanted to go, all you had to do was to go to “todas las direcciones”, right?.

Yup, I guess that they can be quite confusing and funny :)

Vale 2009-07-21 01:26:48

They are common in Italy too.

They are common in Italy too. “Tutte le direzioni” is their Italian equivalent. They are useful indeed if you are looking for a direction that is not listed among the other signs. Probably is this kind of reverse logics that have been applied by engineers, but it’s still confusing.

Vale 2009-07-21 01:30:20

Captcha code

At some point the captcha code proposed me this question: X - nine=1. It was impossible to solve… since the field accept just ONE digit.