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And here I go again: MiniDebConf Central America RFC

Some people never learn to stay out of trouble. Not only that, some people seem to have a desire to run into trouble at every possible ocassion.

It appears I am one of such people.

I won’t rewrite this whole proposal in English — Its focus is after all a Spanish-speaking community. Anyway, the Central American Free Software-related lists have been reshuffled/resetup, and I cannot yet find the public archives (which will exist, I am sure).

I talked about this idea with several Central American friends during ECSL and shortly afterwards. Later, at DebConf, I talked it over with fellow attendees. And I think it is the right time to start pushing for this. I really hope we can achieve something worthy this time around!

So, please, take a look at my proposal. If you are not a Spanish-speaker (or -reader), you might want to laugh at Google translate’s version of it, and even make some sense out of it. If you have anything to comment, the best way will be by mailing the list.

[update] You can now refer to the message to the mailing list and the thread under it.


MiniDebConfCA.txt (10 KB)


carocr 2009-08-16 13:55:52


Gracias por esta iniciativa. Realmente espero que muchos de los y las compas se apunten para aprender y colaborar mejor con el proyecto Debian.

Am I supposed to translate my comment? :-( (it says just: thanks).

David Moreno 2009-08-17 08:02:49

The encoding on the document

The encoding on the document is pwnd.

Fernando C. Estrada 2009-08-15 08:20:00

MiniDebConf Central America RFC

That’s a great idea and I really like to be part of this MiniDebConf. Maybe making IRC meetings or discuss in a mailing list it’s a good start.

Thanks for your initiative Gunnar!

gwolf 2009-08-18 07:52:46


On this site, the linked document is properly detected by Iceweasel as UTF-8. On, it is correctly translated (and detected!) as latin1 (however sad it is a brand new listserver is configured to use latin1… But that’s not for me to decide ☹ )

Anyway, your computer is b0rken and pwnd. Ha-ha!