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El CLIC — First Latin American Encounter on Free Knowledge and Licensing

I stumbled across El CLIC

Of course, I submitted a work for participation (if you are curious, a more evolved version of the Free Software for the Construction of a Democratic Society work I have been working on with Alejandro Miranda sincle last year as part of our Seminar on the Collective Construction of Knowledge — But that’s a different advertiseme^Wstory). I will translate here a couple of paragraphs of the CLIC presentation:

During the weeks between September 14 and 30 this year, the First Latin American Encounter on Free Knowledge and Licensing will be held. The encounter aims at sharing experiences and widen knowledge in regard to these two general, current interest topic lines. The initiative comes from the Knowledge as a Public Good Defense Allies Network (RADECON, Red de Aliados para la Defensa del Conocimiento como Bien Público) who, together with a group of close collaborators, seek to define a common path towards knowledge emancipation and towards Latin American integration from the perspective of a change born inside the legal protection towards liberation. (…) Topic lines:
  • Licensing vs. Patenting
  • Open educative resources
  • Free Software and licensing
  • Free knowledge and education
  • Techno-politic considerations towards knowledge freedom
  • The needed sensibilization process leading towards knowledge liberation
  • Licensing: A vision from an ethical standpoint

I understand CLIC is Spanish-based — Anyway, I expect many of you to be interested in being part of this effort, led by the Venezuelan RADECON community!


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