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Google having gender issues related to old-agers?

I am updating an old package’s packaging style to take advantage of the new DebHelper 7 goodities. So far, I have been quite successful, but I hit a problem… And before bugging on IRC, I decided to check with Joey Hess’ presentation at DebConf9, Not your grandpa’s debhelper.

Of course, not remembering the URL, it was the most natural thing to ask Google:

Did you mean... Not your grandma's Debhelper‽ WTF!

Of course, putting this thingy aside, the right answer was the first hit. However, what is the first hit for the Grandma version? Quite dangerous: A post in Ubuntuforums for which the Google excrept reads: this tool can obviously eat your cat, poison your grandma, create an earthquake or do any other unexpected harm, so I don’t provide any warranty whatsoever.

I sincerely prefer joeyh’s version.


google_gender_issues.png (27 KB)


Christoph Egger 2009-09-07 15:16:03

Now you have the top1 hit in

Now you have the top1 hit in google for «not your grandma debhelper» :)

gwolf 2009-09-07 16:04:30


I made it, I knew I would be able to get it if I really tried! :-D

Google proves it once again: Garbage in, garbage out. But now, it is indexed garbage!

Julian Andres Klode 2009-09-07 14:17:45

Google just suggested

Google just suggested something else because there were not many results. It sometimes even suggests search terms for which there are no results at all.

reg 2009-09-09 12:01:52

Izena duen guzia omen da

un tipo que conocí decia ( citando a otro que no se quien es o quien fue), que las cosas , si tienen nombre, existe supongo que en estos tiempos, existen si alguien escribe sobre ellos en internet. si google no lo encuentra, debe ser poruqe no existe…. pero te invita a que lo inventes.