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Linux ranks high on stability — One more time

Even at the most physical level. This is a cup that won’t topple over when you accidentally kick the desk! Gunnar’s Viking of Approval certifies it.

I bought this Tux Mug (Mugx) in Colombia, from CeramiGeek. It feels a bit strange to drink penguin brain, but all in all, it is a great geek present ;-) Thanks a lot to Andrés Restrepo and his girlfriend for coming up with this product! :-} I expect to get quite a bit of joy out of it.

[update] CeramiGeek’s site says they sell the mug for $20,000 — Of course, that’s Colombian pesos. Slightly over US$10. I don’t know whether they ship outside Colombia, and am completely unaffiliated to them. But I surely wish them success!