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Captchas are for humans...

Nobody cares about me, I thought. Whatever I say is just like throwing a bottle to the infinite ocean.

No comments, no hopes of getting any, for several days. Weeks maybe? Not even the spammers cared about me.

Until I read this mail, by Thijs Kinkhorst commenting to my yesterday post:

(…) (BTW, I was unable to comment on your blog - couldn't even read one letter of the CAPTCHA...)

And, yes, Drupal module «captcha» introduced in its 2.1 release (January 2) feature #571344: Mix multiple fonts.

Only… no fonts were selected. Grah.


Roadmaster 2010-01-29 07:53:03



At least you managed to find out what was wrong!

Sven Mueller 2010-01-29 07:12:50

Oh, yeah, now your captcha works

really! Though I had a bit of trouble differentiating between an “e” and a “c” which had a line running through it horizontally.