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Getting away from Panamá

Several months ago, around the Central American Free Software Encounter (ECSL) in Estelí, Nicaragua, I started stirring the waters — The Central American regions have vibrant, beautiful Free Software communities, but have mostly (with some very notable examples, of course) shied away from being active participants in major development projects. What was I to do about it? Of course, try to get them to become Debian contributors!

During the following weeks, I talked about it with several friends from the region, and the result was an announcement and lots of arguments that followed it. Panamá was decided as the host country, and many people have put a lot of work into making the MiniDebConf happen.

Mauro Rosero and Anto Recio came up with what appears to be a wonderful local venue and a set of sponsored amenities, and the Debian project is sponsoring what is needed in terms of transportation for people from the whole region (spanning from Mexico to Ecuador and Venezuela IIRC).

I am very sorry, however, that I cannot attend this meeting. This very same weekend, I will fly three hours, but in the opposite direction: I will go to Tijuana, where fate decided I will present my first round of CENEVAL equivalence exams (Acuerdo 286 Licenciatura). I expect that to be the topic of another post, to come soon.

So, while my friends will be having a good time and talking about Debian and group work, I will sit through three periods of four hours, answering an exam for the first time in a very long time. Fun, hah? Anyway, I will meet Guillermo Amaral (thanks for hosting me! ;-) ), which ensures I will not miss all of the fun ;-)


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Fernando C. Estrada 2010-03-17 14:05:00

Best wishes in your exam, and thanks for your initiative

Good Luck in your test, and hope to read soon good news about that.

Without your initiative this MiniDebConf not have been possible, so thanks for your effort, and of course, you’ll be missed.

Best Regards!

gwolf 2010-03-17 21:01:30

Thanks! :D

Believe me, I will miss you more than you will miss me. You have (yet) no idea what a great community the Central American one is.

FWIW, some of my goals with the MiniDebConf are already met, and I am very happy about it: It is triggering a technical meetup of people of the whole region, and bringing more people into the project. Yes, Fernando, you are under my radar. You are en route to becoming a serious contributor. No, it’s not a question! ;-)

René Mayorga 2010-03-17 13:50:00

You can be sure that you will

You can be sure that you will be missed.