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Snails flying by

Snail mail has become a despised media. While I still held long conversations at a distance written with ink on paper, with latency measured in weeks and not in milliseconds, that’s basically history now. Snail mail is where invoices are received. Ocassionally, a joyous invitation finds its way into my mailbox… But its regular use has been almost completely abandoned.

Which probably makes it more striking and more of a surprise to receive a very short note of a good friend living far away just stating a very warm greeting.

(of course, the paper was not GPG-signed, but I’ll have to believe it was sent by him ;-) )

(Oh, about the title: The card is a print of Don Nisbett’s «Fly By», which recreates Ilwaco, Washington’s panorama)


gwolf 2010-04-15 07:29:05


I set the challenge, up to you to give a response ;-)

R 2010-04-14 15:48:00


If you know of a way one can pgp-sign one of these, you know I’d be geeky enough to try it next time ;)