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One more fatal accident in my usual environment

I was about to close down a good day of hard work, a heavy but useful day… I had even decided to take some time off to listen to some good music, and was heading off to bed on a good mood…

Until I decided to read my contacts’ latest rants. And I found very sad news - again.

A ten year old kid was killed while cycling in Calle Nezahualpilli, Colonia Ajusco.

I happen to know quite well that precise area - I lived very close to that street for some months in 2008. I eat in a small restaurant (what we call either a cocina económica, comida corrida or fondita) on that street. One of my usual bycicle workshops is also on that street - In fact, I wanted to go today, as both of my bikes’ rear tires are flat, but had no time to make it.

Anyway… Colonia Ajusco and Colonia Santo Domingo (“colonia” is basically… a neighbourhood in es_MX) are two very popular, economically depressed areas, just North-East of the University. Probably hundreds or thousands of students live in rented rooms in the area, as UNAM with its 300,000 students does not have any dorms (due to political reasons leading all the way back to the 1960s).

Santo Domingo and Ajusco are also the part where Mexico City’s main valley finishes. The hills begin, not too abruptly (we have a ~150m difference in the ~2Km spanned by both colonias). And… When I lived there, I was amazed at the amount of people moving by bike. The streets are too slow for motorized transit to properly flow, and it’s often annoying to have to cross the region. It is mostly safe for cyclists.

Anyway, this kid was having a good time on the street, and was killed by a microbus driver fighting his fellow over more clients. The driver, yes, was caught (by his passengers and other bystanders, according to the note), and did not run away as they often do in cases such as this one. Still, the kid died almost instantly, so catching the driver serves very little consolation.

This Friday we will have BiciUNAMonos second monthly meeting. It is too soon, and I don’t think we will end up going there. But I do feel this accident falls squarely inside UNAM user’s territory. We cannot ignore it just because it happened outside our University’s gates.


gwolf 2010-05-25 18:59:03

Time to get closer to the reality

My blue avatar is from a 2007 photo… Time to use a newer (2009…) one :)

Kaz 2010-05-26 19:19:59

I like the previous one.

This one looks like you’re almost 50 years old (you know, bald and… well, old, no ofense, my friend) the other avatar makes you look younger :)

peter fink 2010-05-25 05:24:48

New Avatar ?

Hello Gunnar, What happened to your stylish blue avatar picture ? Peter

Roadmaster 2010-05-26 11:18:54

ghost bikes

Sadly I foresee Mexico City becoming the world capital for ghost bikes.

toxickore 2010-05-25 05:58:50

Bici blanca

Una bicicleta blanca más, casualmente muchos de los que generan estos fatales accidentes son del oficio chofer del transporte público. Pagan una fianza y salen de nuevo a laborar cual si nunca hubiera sucedido nada.

Por acá en mi camino a casa, en la ruta hay 2 bicicletas blancas, y simplemente no puedo ignorarlas. El camino es también la ruta de muchos ciclistas que trabajan en embotelladoras y varias industrias que hay por la zona.