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Update: A correspondingly pleasant dinner

And just to round off my last post (and of course, following a completely non-technical thematic), what is the logical consequence of feeling introspective and blogging just before preparing dinne Of course — Dinner gets prepared with sharing it in mind. The dish ends up even looking as if meant to be served!

So this was it: One of my simplest and still favorite dishes: Tostadas. But, yes, these are heterodox tostadas, as they share the basic tostadiness (a hard, roasted and cracky toasted corn tortilla with a soft leguminous layer to give it some consistency, and with… stuff on top. Yes, stuff is sometimes too generic, but that’s the beauty of it). What did I come up with? In the strict order with which they were approached at feeding time, and described bottom to top:

  1. Closest to traditional, top left: Mashed beans, bits of panela cheese with little bits of chipotle and soybean-based vegetarian chorizo, nopales and grated cabbage
  2. Something I have only seen in Guatemala, and which I intend to take a better look at next time I’m there (top right): Mashed frijoles, cochinita pibil (canned, shame on me, and frankly lacking in taste), grated beet (betabel/remolacha/betarraga/whatnot), grated cabbage
  3. The heterodoxiest of them all, and the idea that led me to the others (center): Mashed lima/fava beans (according to Google – habas), cochinita pibil, nopales, and a hint of habanero sauce.


[update] On a completely unrelated notice, but not worth opening a third post in a row… Some minutes after I published the earlier post, I got a visit to Now, it beats me: I don’t use twitter. I don’t even care about twitter. And were my message so deep somebody just twitted (twat it?) right away, I still find the time lapse too short. Who’s auto-twitting me? Maybe a planet or other such aggregator?


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