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Once upon a time

With due apologies and thanks to my dear and crazy friend UCH:

Once upon a time
Once, because twice would be a repetitive story
A king
One, because two would mean war
Who was married to a queen
One, because two would be drama
They had a princess daughter
One, because two would be a mess
Who was in love with a knight
One, because two would be a soap opera
He was given the task of killing a dragon
One, because two would be a titanic feat
The hero had an idea
One, because two would be asking too much
Using a unique magic sword
One, because were they two, it would no longer be unique
With which, he took the dragon's life
One, because it was a dragon, not a cat
Then they proceeded with the wedding
One, because two would mean bigamy
And they lived happily forever
One, because two forevers would be like two infinites
The end
One, because two ends would be complicated

The bad translation is completely my fault.


Martín 2010-06-23 00:39:08

Felices los dos

Did you leave out “Aunque sí fueron felices los dos” in your translation? :~)

Raphael 2010-06-19 14:40:29

Pure genius! I absolutely

Pure genius! I absolutely like it.

reg 2010-06-19 05:25:34

esta buenisimo! mi

esta buenisimo! mi felicitación a UCH! (una, porque dos felicitaciones sería adulación)