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Spot the differences?

Left: British Petroleum’s logo. British Petroleum gained international notoriety last April because of the catastrophic oil spill it is still unable to contain in the North of the Gulf of Mexico; so far, the oil has reached the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi, and keeps growing and spreading, as probably the worst-ever oil spill. So far, the sea surface covered by oil is larger than several countries in the world. Some sites have very interesting maps that might help understand the importance and size of the spill: BP Gulf Oil Spill Maps in The Daily Green, Deepwater Horizon Incident, Office of Response and Restoration, USA National Ocean Service, Article on Slashdot about quantifying and dealing with the deepwater spill.

Right: Mexico’s de facto government’s logo. One of the most pushed projects of Felipe Calderón’s government (that was fortunately canceled) was to pursue the tesorito de las aguas profundas (little treasure that lies deep in the water); they strongly pushed for a reform in the oil legislation, which is 100% government-funded since 1938, to allow for private investment in orded to build platforms reaching oil deposits 3000m below the Gulf’s surface. Yup, precisely like the one that produced this massive spill, although most would probably be bound to much less strict regulation and controls to what they have in the US.

Is the similarity between the two logos just a strange coincidence?


Brian Teeman 2010-06-07 04:30:01

Not British Petroleum

There is no such company as British Petroleum and there hasn’t been for over 10 years. The company name is BP

It’s name changed from British Petroleum first in 1998 when it merged with Standard Oil of Indiana, USA

Diego Escalante 2010-06-06 10:52:36

Tesorito de las aguas

Tesorito de las aguas profundas suena muy mexicano. :P

dominiko 2010-06-06 22:47:26

worse-evel oil spill?

[…] as probably the worst-ever oil spill.

I think you need to add “… in the United States”. There have been worse oil spills elsewhere.

Check out the chart at:

I’m not sure how accurate is the chart now though since it was made in May. By now, the spill is worse than the Exxon Valdez. But I still doubt that the Deepwater horizon spill is the worse oil spill ever. The Amoco Cadiz, (Very Large Crude Carrier) broke during a storm and spilled 1,600,000 barrels only 5 km off the French coasts and was probably worse, at least in term of impact on the coast.

Thomas Bliesener 2010-06-07 13:07:07

Good logo

The right one with its rainbow colors is more honest: it remembers to a thin oil film on water.