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Echoing Mohammed

For those of you who follow me through anything other than Planet Debian (who will surely tolerate this repetition):

Interesting but frightful things are happening in North African countries. We saw what happened in Tunisia some days ago. Now, Egypt is a way larger, way more populous… And, dare I say, way more important country. Also, it is a country which borders Israel, where I lived in for ~18 months, and to which –although I am today unaffiliated– is very important for me. And what happens in Egypt will surely shape the whole mid-East.

So, here goes a copy of Mohammed Sameer’s post — Not just a link to it, as he might have to take it down. Of course, Mohammed, if you in any way think I should delete this, please please tell me, and I will comply immediately.

Egypt has been fighting for freedom already for 3 days now. The whole country has experienced a large number of street demonstrations and protests within the last 3 days to be continued also on Friday, the 28th of January and afterwards. The protests' main goal is to oust dictator Hosni Mubarak's regime, which has been in power for almost 30 years. We want him out. A massacre has happened in Suez. Police used live ammunition and tear gas. There are unconfirmed rumors that the army might interfere. Even a bigger protest is supposed to take place a few hours from now. After the Prayer on Friday. The internet has been shutdown completely. Egypt is no longer online since Friday, the 28th of January 00:45 AM. Text messages to cell phones have been cut off too and all cell phones services will be following. No one knows exactly the intentions of the regime but it doesn't sound good. Please help us. Please blog about it in English and in all languages. Please spread the news everywhere. Please talk to media. Please petition your government if that will help. If there's anything that you can do, please do it and help us save the country and the people. More news from twitter #jan25.

…From what I read from Israeli sources, what worries them –and many people around the world– is that, although Egypt is formally a democratic country, the ruling party has seen towards having basically no oposition — Besides the stubborn Islamic Brotherhood (very akin to Hamas). Now, the Islamic Brotherhood (as well as Hamas, and as well as most other Islamic regimes I know off, although I might be way mistaken) have got huge popular support because… They are true to their beliefs. In short, they are not corrupt — Something that cannot be said about many political organizations around the globe. They are true to their word. And although many of us shiver at thinking of their word getting more power… It is only the Egyptians who should have a say on who rules Egypt.

I honestly hope the Egyptian people get their long-owed self-determination. Of course, I hope Tunisians also get it, and not just a mirage of it. And every people, including us poor Mexicans who have neither had a chance to rule our destiny. And I hope it is a change for good, for tolerance, for peaceful coexistance with the neighbours, even if they are in many ways the rivals.

[Update] I just found out that, as expected, the news have reached Slashdot: Egypt shuts off all Internet access. I’m sure you will find lots of more information there.


anonymous 2011-01-28 00:34:22

Not corrupt… watch what

Not corrupt… watch what happens if/when they do get into power

gwolf 2011-01-30 15:47:43

We shall see…

In Egypt, perhaps. In Tunisia, perhaps. In other countries, already. I cannot tell you beyond what I have heard from people who have travelled to the Middle East or Central Asia, but my friends have told me that in Iran, the current level of corruption (which will never be zero as long as there are human beings) is way lower than what they had with the Shah, 30 years ago. Same thing in Afghanistan - The Taliban regime was terrible in many, many aspects, but it was the least corrupt they had in long years.

I’m not pro-islamist regimes. I am not pro-anything-religious, FWIW. But I am not a citizen of those countries. And if that’s what their people wants - that’s what they should have.

Mohammed Sameer 2011-01-27 23:33:35

Gunnar, Thanks for spreading


Thanks for spreading the news. Please don’t remove your post. If you can afford to translate it to more languages then please do.

Yes it seems true that Muslim brothers are becoming more popular but a lot don’t want them to be the next ruling party.

It’s really hard to predict what will happen in the next few days/weeks. Today might be either a Massacre or sabotage by the security forces just to blame the Muslim brothers.