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Starting work on KindleClip

Quite probably, the best thing got for myself during the last year was my Kindle. I just love it! It has changed the way I interact with knowledge, and saved me from hours of boredom.

But it has also taught me the value of scribbling along the book pages and of underlining passages. Yes, I hold a deep regard for my regular (paper) books, and I never scribble on them, not even on text books. In any case, I can scribble on a post-it or something like that.

Still, when you underline or comment on a passage in the Kindle, what can you do with your annotation? Well, not much. Annotations (called clippings in Kindlespeak) are stored on an easily accessible My Clippings.txt text file, very easy to parse and work with.

So, I devoted yesterday evening to coming up with a first prototype of an app that I think can be very useful if you use clippings extensively: It displays each clipping with its base information separately, allows you to filter on the specific book to which each clipping is related as well as on the clipping type.

So, if it interests you, clone it away from github!


Written in Ruby, Gtk (Glade). No further libraries are (currently?) needed. The code is far from beautiful, but is a first stab towards functionality.

Any comments welcome!


gwolf 2011-03-21 15:50:43

thanks :)

I am not sure if this is yet good for “human consumption”, but if somebody sees it as useful, I’ll be very glad!

MOSE 2011-03-20 10:24:26

I’ve got a kindle too and

I’ve got a kindle too and clippings had never seemed interesting to me, but your post changed my mind about them. I’m even thinking about modifying calibre to add this feature. Regards.

reg 2011-03-18 19:38:07

( I love my Kindle )

no se si diria que fue lo mejor del año para mi, pero casi casi… de todas formas, concuerdo con vos, la Kindle es GENIAL, a toda hora, en todo lugar… adicta? maybe…. thanks!! rg

Siddharta 2011-03-19 09:25:13

Hello Gunnar: I don’t use

Hello Gunnar:

I don’t use (yet) an electronic device to keep an eye over electronic books; however I have let other users who do so know about your prototype in

Cheers from Veracruz, Sidd.