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The book: Available for sale

This is an update to my last post regarding the «Construcción Colaborativa del Conocimiento» book.

The book is, as we have repeatedly stated, available online for download — Both as a full PDF or chapter by chapter. In the website you will also find videos of all of the conferences held.

But holding a printed book in your hands is just a different experience, isn’t it? :-) Anyway, I said I would give here an update on how to get your hands on it. The main venue would be through my University’s e-store. I recommend it to anybody interested in buying the book in Mexico. The book’s list price is MX$300 (around US$27), but it is currently sold at half price — I don’t know how long will that price be offered.

On the other hand, we also uploaded it to the self-publishing service. Of course, given I have not seen the printed results, I cannot assure you the resulting product will be of the same quality as the one we got here, but I have a couple of books I have bought at lulu, and their quality is quite acceptable. So, you can also buy it from Note the 20% discount it shows will be permanent — That’s what I would get as an author, a payment I decided to forefit given we are 11 authors and it would be unfair to collect it all myself. So, the price at is US$12.64 plus shipping — Very similar to the price at UNAM.



Elessar 2011-10-28 09:09:00


Según tu último artículo, vais a publicarlo en ePUB. Excelente idea, yo tengo un lector electrónico y varias veces he tenido que explicar por qué es importante publicar en ePUB y por qué el PDF no está adaptado.

gamaral 2011-10-29 23:48:03

GnuWolf: The Movie

I will wait for the movie, thank you very much! ;)

gamaral 2011-10-31 08:27:53

Ah good, so I can totally say

Ah good, so I can totally say the book is much better than the movie and feel superior.

Congrats mi buen Gunnar, haber cuando te das una vuelta de nuevo a Tijuana.

gwolf 2011-10-28 09:35:42

¡Claro! Sólo habrá que esperar un poco

Un cuate me ofreció ayuda para montar un ePub con el material - Obviamente hay que hacerlo bien (¿o no hacerlo?).

Claro, les avisaré cuando me lo envíe.

gwolf 2011-10-31 08:04:06

Oh, but the movie is also online!

Well, the videoconference presenting the project (and the videoconferences for the other chapters as well) :)