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A happy and disconnected new year

I came to Argentina with my girlfriend to visit her family and friends, and to spend here some disconnected days during my winter^Wsummer vacations. And so it was, we had some very nice, relaxing days, with everything running smooth and with infrequent but enough sessions of mail access to withstand the disconnection without pain.

Of course, I didn’t anticipate that the Network Operations Center of my university would break my institute’s connectivity while performing their planned maintenance on December 23. After some days, I was able to talk with one person in the university, but connectivity was not restored. Nobody with knowledge to look at the firewall’s screen is available.

So, as of today (happy new year 2012!), I have been mail-less for over a week. I will be back in my office soon now, so I’ll get mail connectivity within the upcoming week.

Meanwhile, everybody who mailed me for any reason (job, Debian, holiday greetings, whatever)… Well, I’m sad to tell you that the mails were lost. But worry not, I will act as if nothing like that happened and I received all of your best wishes.


carocr 2012-01-01 13:45:00

Planeta Linux??

Llegué a este post porque Planeta Linux lo envió a sus seguidores en Twitter. Tuve que regañarlos :D

Te envié un correo anoche, que en realidad era mi post sobre el año nuevo. Podés leerlo aquí o hacer como que lo leíste.