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I am going to DebConf12!

I have just bought our plane tickets to Managua, so I can finally say this:


Yes, many of you will ask what happened, I was bragging everywhere I wanted to go by land, driving from Mexico City to Managua. I’d love to, and I’m sure it’s completely doable… But we have family issues to attend on July 21, in Argentina. So we will have a beautiful flight schedule (and carbon footprint) for this July:

June 30
Mexico→San Salvador→Managua, 17:35-20:30. Yes, this means I will not be in Mexico to cast my vote on July 1st. Well, I had already accepted this would happen... And the price difference was quite sensible.
July 15
Managua→San José→Mexico, 16:25-22:20
July 16
Mexico→Santiago→Buenos Aires (AEP), 20:30-09:55
July 23
Buenos Aires (EZE)→Lima→Mexico, 08:35-19:00

Several people have asked me on the best airline options for this trip. In our case, to Managua, it was with TACA, US$518 total. You can get tickets for ~US$30 less, but the flight goes through Panama instead of San Salvador, for an extra 1000Km – And instead of ~3hr it makes slightly over 6. Yes, on our way back we will be routed a bit South to San José, but it’s not as bad, and it’s for a very short layover.

For Argentina? Well, we have always found LAN to be the cheapest and most convenient. This time, TACA/Avianca was a very close second, which lost due to almost doubling the flight+layover time

Why aren’t we taking a Mexico→Managua→Buenos Aires flight instead? Because it’s ~US$150 more expensive per person. Not that much, but still some money. And by returning to Mexico and having a night at home, we will save us the hassle of carrying Winter clothes to Nicaragua and Summer clothes to Argentina.

Oh, and if you are planning on dropping by home while we are away and robbing all of our stuff: There’s not that much to take from there, and we have already arranged for somebody to be there while we are away. But thanks for thinking about us, anyway!

[update] And what about DebConf12 registration? When is the system opening for us all to register? Soon, dear friends, we are talking about some related issues, and you will have your registrationi open soon.


gwolf 2012-03-14 17:11:50

¿voto chilango? ¡NOOOOO!

En primer término, NO. No pienso registrarme en un esquema de voto electrónico que permitiría a otra persona votar a mi nombre. Y no, no es un mero capricho tecnológico mío… Te dejo un textito corto y uno más largo (el mismo pero ampliado a 10x tanto) para sustentar lo que digo:

En segundo término, aunque estuviera dispuesto, esa modalidad de voto es aplicable sólo para quien reside de forma permanente en el extranjero, no para quien viaja.


gwolf 2012-03-14 17:15:24

Thanks ☻ Well, I’ll settle for humans… again

This works when you don’t have obsessive-compulsive cats… I do. One of my cats will have breakfast, take a nap, notice there is still food, eat some, go away, notice again there is still some food, eat some more, vomit a bit, rest a bit, notice there is still food available, eat more, vomit some more, eat some vomit…


No, that’s far from ideal :)

petrohs 2012-03-13 22:56:06

voto chilango

Don Gunnar

No le es factible registrarse en ?

petrohs 2012-03-14 17:34:38


Me ha quedado en claro su postura. Agradezco mucho las ligas

Siddharta Buda 2012-03-12 17:34:19

Need a cat feeder while you’re away?

Just today I was reading an article about some guy who had to leave for a while, and managed his way to create his very own “cat feeder”, basically using a CD-ROM tray. Somebody else went farther and used a Cisco switch and … well, perhaps I should just shut up and post the links, hehehe:

I’m not into cats, but I know you do … and perhaps you already have arranged that issue :)

Have a nice trip Gunnar, Sidd.