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Ecological, recreational zone "Ing. Gerardo Cruickshawn García"

The Northern edge of Cd. Nezahualcoyotl used to be Mexico City’s garbage dump, limited by one of the main open-air sweage systems. Its size is unbelievable – Huge is too small a word for it. After many years of being the dirtiest place in the city, it was shut down. Its land is poisoned unsuitable for basically anything. So, it was buldozered, leveled and covered in sand — and became an Ecological, recreational zone. The saddest, dirtiest ecological zone I’ve ever seen. A very surrealist setting.

At least, recreational it is. Over the dead soil, 76 football fields were drawn. When we arrived there, we were amazed at the outflow of people – Many, many hundreds of people use this barren place for their Sunday morning sports. It must not be too healthy, but at least there is a sports, convivence area available for its huge population.

This last image gives us a bit of perspective on the size of this beast: Each of the little squares is a full-size football field. There are 76 of them. We entered by the road more or less in the middle and reached near its North-East limt, then back. Didn’t even look at the Western part — but it was surely more of the same unbelievable nothingness.