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Impromptu session on information freedom, network neutrality, etc. — COSIT 2011, Mexico

During the COSIT 2011 conference, we held a very celebrated and fun impromptu talk. This was a very interesting session where many of the long-time Free Software activists in Mexico took the stage (we were waiting for a speaker who was late, so the audience was bored and waiting) and started talking –in a completely irreverent, disorganized way– about the status of network neutrality, ACTA, Free Software, Free Culture, legal issues regarding copyright and many other similar points.

At some point or another, we had on stage: Fernando Romo “el Pop”, Alejandro Miranda “Pooka”, Sandino Araico, Claudia Hernández, Octavio Méndez… Anybody else? ☺

Regarding the quality of the recording: Regina just found this file in her cheap, aging hand-held, photo camera. Again, this was not a planned session, so don’t expect a high quality recording. It is hard to follow the audio at points, and the video is not steady. Anyway, it’s worth following!

Great thanks to Regina, and to her quick sense of opportunity, for reaching for her camera and filming this, as it would otherwise just get lost and stay only in our memory! ♥


Full video (Ogg Vorbis+Theora encoded) (83136 KB)