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The joys of Internet The Bolivarian dream

Oh, the joys of the Internet.

A Mexican and an Argentinian listening to a Spanish cantaor singing Mexican music for an Argentinian audience, remembering a Costa Rican woman.


Regina and me are finally back home in Mexico, after a month (me) and six weeks (her) of vacations in Argentina. And this week, in the city of Cosquín (Córdoba, Argentina), they celebrate most important Argentinian folkloric festival. The Cosquín Festival can be followed live on the TV Pública website.

Right now, while I finish writing a short article and Regina fights her way to learn some of the GNOME 3 tricks, we are following Cosquín. Among many great Argentinian folklorists, they invited a Spanish cantaor, David Palomar, who is remembering Chabela Vargas, a great singer, born in Costa Rica, but who became famous in Mexico, singing very heartfelt Mexican music, and deceased earlier this year.

Trivia: Q: What do Mexico, Argentina and Spain have in common (besides a language that can be almost-understood)? A: They all have a city called Córdoba.


damog 2013-01-27 03:28:59

En Venezuela hay también un

En Venezuela hay también un pobladito llamado Córdoba :)

gwolf 2013-01-28 14:51:06


Entonces… ¿Señal que todos somos cordobeses?

gwolf 2013-01-30 17:32:55

Bueno, sí y no…

Estás asumiendo con un poquito de trampa, me parece… Habría que ponderar un poco con la cantidad de población.

México tiene 110 millones de personas, España 47 millones y Argentina 40 millones. Falta en esta lista Colombia, con 46 millones (…que, ¡oh cielos! ¡También tiene una ciudad Córdoba!)

De ahí, todos los demás tienen menos (Venezuela y Perú, casi 30 millones; Chile, del órden de 16 millones… Y de ahí pa’bajo).

gwolf 2013-02-05 15:07:32

Thanks and sorry - Blame my hosting provider :(

Dreamhost is great, but cheap… And yes, every now and then the website is hammered and you get the result you observed :( What can I do to prevent it? Pay more money… But for my personal site… Well, this is basically enough ;-)

Thanks for the tip on Replicant. I will look at it - Although right now, I am too busy to start hacking on my phone. I expect it to be a device that Just Works™ :) But sooner or later, I seriously would prefer having some Non-Strictly-Android thing!

Marcos 2013-01-24 11:02:51

there are more

Colombia has a province and three towns called Córdoba. Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap’s nominatim site[1] have more detail.


Michael Wolf 2013-01-30 07:15:15

otra cosa en común

Los tíos, los ches y los güeyes también tienen más actividad editorial que otros países hispanoparlantes.

Michael Wolf 2013-01-31 07:32:20

De hecho, no y no

Había leído que esos tres países publicaban libros fuera de proporción pero según una fuente se publican más en Colombia que en México, que asume el cuarto lugar.
Mi solución para el dilema: renombrar las Córdobas en México a Kordova.

Mie vaan 2013-02-05 15:02:45

Cannot reach some of your posts directly


I’ve been here before, trying to report this issue to you (since I don’t like email:) and again found out that I can’t comment some of your posts. That is, I can’t comment posts that I can’t access directly. Like this one:

I can see the post if I’m at the address

but if I click the posts title I get this message:


Page not found? Or server overloaded?

Does this page exist?

Maybe it does, maybe it does not.

This site is hosted in Dreamhost. This means, I have heaps of bandwidth and disk space for very cheap — But also some inconveniences. When the server is under heavy load, it often generates “page not found” errors… Such as this one.

Try reloading the page. It might work, it might not. ¿Página inexistente? ¿Servidor sobrecargado?

¿Existe esta página?

Tal vez sí, tal vez no.

Este sitio está hospedado enDreamhost. Esto significa que tengo mucho ancho de banda y mucho espacio de disco, por los cuales pago muy poco — Pero también conlleva algunos inconvenientes. Cuando el servidor sufre de carga pesada, frecuentemente genera errores de “página no encontrada”… Como este.

Intenta volver a cargar la página. Puede funcionar, puede que no.


And yes, I can’t comment that post. I can’t even see the comments posted (3 at the moment). Some kind of jerk protection? ;)


Mie vaan

PS. The reason I came here. :)

You said that you would use Cyanogen if it is usable and stable. From what I understand, CyanogenMod is not completely Free Software. Replicant is:

That’s something I would use if I had a need for a “phone” like that. :)

PS.2 Never mind. I just found out that if I add a ‘/’ to a direct address of that post, I get what I want. Jerk protection, I gather. :D