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Too cool not to repost

[ post made mainly for those poor souls who don’t yet follow Planet Debian, but do follow me ]

Earlier today, Roland Mas threw an idea towards whoever had too much free time: Implement a valid QR code construction that would become an interesting pattern when interpreted in Conway’s Game of Life.

But, as Jurij Smakov promptly showed, there is only one flaw in Roland’s request: The need for too much free time. Jurij replied within ~4hr with a arbitrary string to QR code converter that allows said code to be seeded into a Game of Life interpreter.

Jurij: You get all the geek points I had in store for this month.


Anonymous 2013-02-21 03:59:18

Personally, I’d find the

Personally, I’d find the reverse interesting: a game of life pattern that evolves into a valid QR code.

Or, even better, a period-N oscillator, all of whose steps are QR codes.

Or, going off the deep end, a constructor taking glider-encoded binary as input and constructing QR codes. :)