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Another guest in the classroom! Sandino Araico ( @KBrown ): Memory management and security

This last Thursday I was able again to lure a good friend of mine into presenting an interesting topic to my students at my Operating Systems class: Sandino Araico, a very well known and very well regarded local security guru, presented several issues regarding memory management. I asked him to present the issues on buffer overflows, as well as possible mitigaion strategies, but of course, to present that topic, he had to walk all over the map of memory management.

A good and interesting class. I was able to film it again, and here it is — Sadly, as I explain to some students who suggested me to put the computer in a different place, the angle and the audio quality are not as good as they could — If I were to move the computer to have a better angle of Sandino, I would lose audio quality.

Being it the eve of Día de Muertos, and having a beutiful mega-altars festival just outside the faculty, the outside noise level was quite high, and… Well, I know Sandino rarely raises his voice, so it was better to locate the computer close to him. Of course, add to it that my hardware is by a long shot far from professional-grade. I just used a very cheapish laptop.

I was a bit skeptical to begin with — I have to recognize I have given this topic quite hastily, as we are getting near the end of semester and there’s still a lot of topics to cover. But the students seemed interested in Sandino’s presentation, and –once again– I am fully satisfied with my guest’s performance.

As always. All of my six guests’ presentations (over two semesters) have been great. If I were able to get a guest for each of my classes… I’d even save a lot of class-preparation time! :-}

Oh, but you came here looking for the video, right? Here it is: Memory management and security, by Sandino Araico. October 31, 2013.


Sandino Araico: Administración de memoria y seguridad (352703 KB)


gwolf 2013-11-08 08:19:30

Very right, thanks!

That’s what happens when writing in a haste. Corrected.

gwolf 2014-01-06 11:10:00

In short: I thoroughly enjoyed it

I still have a long way to go to be an expert teacher. But yes, I have two groups which went taught by me, and… Well, the experience was very good. I would love to get a full-time teaching position. I am quite advanced writing what I expect to make into a textbook, and some of my students have expressed they would like to have me teach other subjects. I still have not mentored any theses, but hope to do so eventually…

…What can I say? 2013 was a very important year for me, career-path wise. Of course, this very short answer only starts to scratch the experience. I have a lot to work on and make it better. But I hope to be able to do it!

Rommel S 2014-01-06 09:35:02

**Btw, how does it end up this course? **

I have to say, I’m not quite following entry by entry your blog but when i do, I really enjoy reading them. So, how did you find this 2013 in terms of you teaching that class? What can you say as an outcome for this experience ? I’m pretty sure you’ve waterfall some of your toughs as –probably– written comments to the upper ceiling regarding the quality of students background. If not, this might be a good chance and I’ve really encourage to do so and share that with us. :)

Best wishes for 2014!, Regards,

toxickore 2013-11-28 11:11:28

Floating in the wind

did he float and fly very high on the topics? I like that on his speeches.

vicm3 2013-11-03 17:54:02


At first paragraph is not “mitigation strategies” instead of migration? or I’m misreading?, really a interesting topic, I hope to watch the video before this semester ends ;).