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Ligatured iceweasel

I am not (yet?) reporting this as a bug as this happened with a several days old session open, and just while I was upgrading my Sid system, after a long time without doing so (probably since before the vacations started… In December 2013). But I cannot avoid sharing this interesting screenshot.

Of course, this does not happen in other browsers. And AFAICT it only happens while reading the Debian Policy (either online or locally, even recoding it to UTF-8). Funniest thing, the Debian policy specifies no Javascript, no stylesheets at all…

(Hey, and FWIW… Why is the online copy of the Debian policy still in iso-8859-1‽ It’s not 1995 anymore…)

[update] Of course, it’s the default font, not only the Debian policy. Just as an example, the following text:

Ufffiii flat different!


Yields the following output:

[update 2] And, of course, after finishing the update process… I got a new version of <strikeFirefox</strike>Iceweasel. Restarted it, and everything is back to normal :-}


Andreas Tille 2014-01-27 01:18:56

I’m suffering from this nasty problem as well


I also have observed this very boring thing and I would like to know how I could get rid of this “feature”.

Kind regards


Andrew Shadura 2014-01-23 23:49:45

Ancient bug


Not only this happens since ages ago (I first noticed it around 2009 or something), but also this your case isn’t as serious as what I had. In my case, some non-ASCII letters were also sometimes randomly mixed — but only on rendering, when copied and pasted elsewhere they used to turn into normal letters.

I don’t remember if I ever reported it, as it happens quite rarely to me.

gwolf 2014-01-27 08:37:35

Just by finishing the upgrade?

I don’t know what combination caused it, but in my case, when the upgrade was finally over, the “feature” went away by itself.