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Meeting with Chilean sysadmins

Ok, so I’m back in Mexico!

This year, the best fare I found for travelling to spend the Winter^WSummer season with Regina’s family had an oddity: I usually have a layover at either Santiago de Chile or Lima (Perú) of between 45 minutes and 2 hours, clearly less than enough to do anything. But this time, I had a massive 10 hours layover in Santiago. And spending 10 hours in an airport is far from fun. Specially when you have a good group of friends in town!

I visited Chile in 2004 for Encuentro Linux (still before the time I had a digital camera: Those photos are all taken by Martin Michlmayr), and I have stayed in touch with a group of systems administrators since then. So, I mailed the list, and we managed to get eight people to have lunch together. In the order we appear in the photo: <ul><li>Victor Hugo dos Santos</li><li>Mauricio Troncoso</li><li>Álvaro Herrera</li><li>Ricardo Lemus</li><li>Marcelo Riquelme</li><li>Carlos Sepúlveda</li><li>Gunnar Wolf</li><li>Pablo Silva</li></ul>

Some of them, even living in the same city, had never met in person before — So, of course, we had a table reserved at the restaurant to the name of Dennis Ritchie. And having had nice, fun, sometimes-technical talks… Well, a tiny bit of his spirit was there. Of course, we can only trust he was there, as no Ouija boards were used and no null pointers were dereferenced (just to make sure not to disturb him).

Victor Hugo and Álvaro took me for a short Santiago city trip before lunch, we had a very nice time. Thanks! :-)