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Getting rid of rodents

So a good friend of mine talked about something in the debian-private mailing list. And we should not disclose that something outside such a sensible space without his approval.

But Jakub is right. Once the discussion goes over to only messages talking about non-private stuff, the discussion should be moved to a non-private area. After all, we will not hide problems yada yada, right?

So, not knowing where in the Debian lists this should go to, it will land on my blog, reformatting mail to make sense in this media:

Luca Filipozzi dijo [Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 03:36:49PM +0000]:
Or don't use a mouse. When I started getting shoulder strain from using a mouse too much, I switched to an Adesso touchpad keyboard and was very happy with the positive outcome. I'm a touch (that's punny) less efficient with the touchpad compared to a mouse, but the lack of permanent injury and ongoing pain is worth it.
Right. I also have this keyboard (same brand even, different model). The keyboard is not that good (keys are not as smooth as in my previous, stock-Dell keyboard), but not having to move my right hand just to feed the rodent has made my back way way happier. I even feel better using a trackpad than a mouse (mabye because I use too much my netbook?). Luca, just out of curiosity: Did you ever manage to recognize the keyboard under the Synaptics driver, or to get it running under ChordMiddle or Emulate3Buttons? I had to fall to a ugly hack, mapping the "XF86Search" key to the middle button by telling my window manager (i3) to "bindsym X86Search exec xdotool click 2".
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### Comments [rjc]() 2014-03-28 06:59:40 **keyboard** I try to avoid using the mouse as much as I can by using a keyboard-driven Window Manager (Awesome in my case). Times when I have to use it are not made easy when once uses a full-size (i.e. one with a numpad) keyboard as your right hand (you're lucky if you're left handed here) needs to travel more than double the distance as opposed to situation when the keyboard is narrower. Lately though, I'm thinking of getting an ergonomic one without the extra numerical keypad and looks quite promising. P.S. Only mechanical keyswitches, please ;^)