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DrupalCamp starting in 5... 4... 3... 2... ( → #DrupalCampMX )

Ok, so the day has come: Today begins the much awaited Drupal Camp Mexico City, yay!

For those that cannot make it to Mexico City, I understand understood[fn]I cannot find the link to the information, but it might appear later on… /mehopes[/fn] we would have live streaming of at least one of the rooms, but anyway, talks will be recorded, and will be put online later on.

As for the talks schedule, here you have it. Yes, today my workmate and I will be giving a simple introduction to having a useful basic Drupal install. Today is the tutorials / workshops / BoF / hackathon day, and Thursday and Friday will be the more traditional talks days. Several of the talks on Thursday are grouped under the SymfonyDay track and will refer to the framework that serves as a base for Drupal 8.

Anyway, for the Tweetheads among the readers of this post, I understand information will flow under the #DrupalCampMX tag.


Euler Sánchez 2014-04-23 21:20:47

Excelente tu presentación del

Excelente tu presentación del día de hoy.


gwolf 2014-04-24 15:17:31

Gracias :-D

…Si a pesar de que la presentación fue tan improvisada como la viste, y te pareció buena… no puedo quejarme de ninguna manera :)

¡Gracias a tí por el comentario!