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Guests in the classroom: @Rolman talks about persistent storage and filesystems

On November 14, as a great way to say goodbye to a semester, a good friend came to my class again to present a topic to the group; a good way to sum up the contents of this talk is “everything you ever wondered about persistent storage”.

As people who follow my blog know, I like inviting my friends to present selected topics in my Operating Systems class. Many subjects will stick better if presented by more than a single viewpoint, and different experiences will surely enrich the group’s learning.

So, here is Rolando Cedillo — A full gigabyte of him, spawning two hours (including two hiccups where my camera hit a per-file limit…).

Rolando is currently a RedHat Engineer, and in his long career, he has worked from so many trenches, it would be a crime not to have him! Of course, one day we should do a low-level hardware session with him, as his passion (and deep knowledge) for 8-bit arcades is beyond any other person I have met.

So, here is the full video on my server. Alternatively, you can get it from The Internet Archive.


gwolf 2014-12-19 07:20:08

Confusion on learning operating systems

Hi Joan,

I can try to explain you the topics that confuse you, but the question in this comment does seem a bit confused :-) (i.e. Round Robin does not handle any kind of time stamping).

Please contact me by email ( and I’ll try to explain!

Joan Peterson 2014-12-12 01:46:09

In operating systems i always

In operating systems i always suffers when memory management comes. I learned it a lot when sit again to try that. I forgot it again and again. Is there is any simple way to understand the topic of memory management. A confusion occurs at the time of solving Round Robin problem with the time stamp. A confusion occurs. Please provide any thing which will explain these topics easily.