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Worthy weekend

(No, I’m not talking about a future Ubuntu release… After all, what kind of weird animal would a weekend be?)

This weekend we took the kids outside for the first time (not counting, of course, visits to the pediatrician). We were quite anxious… Of course, they were born somewhat under weight and at 7½ months of gestation. But this Saturday we feelt adventurous, and took the kids out for a day among people!

It might not sound like a big deal, but… Well, we took a not such beautiful or scenic route: We took them to the supermarket, and had a small lunch out. For the first time in the already two months they have been with us.

Dinner with friends at home, having a very good time, and –as expected– a… Very hard night for us. All that excitement had the babies very nervous.

Today –again, for the first time– we took the children out to visit some friends of ours. Again, it was great, they behaved very nicely, and were lovely all around.

Lets see what this night holds in place for us.

Anyway, with them growing slowly but steadily… We are very happy, thankful parents. For the first time since Regina is with me in Mexico, this time we decided we would not have a birthday party (yes, I’m 30 minutes away from being 39 year old). I cannot imagine a fuller, better celebration than what we are having. This two babies are the real event in our lives.

Oh… And by the way, this weekend also saw the release of a great new Debian release: Debian 8, codenamed Jessie. Thanks, folks, for such a great birthday present ;-) For reasons that should by now be obvious, I wasn’t able to go to either of the release parties I knew of in Mexico City (even one of them was ~500m from home!)


ponceano 2015-04-27 00:19:54

Sin palabras

Que te puedo decir Gunnar, pa uno que ya es abuelo y por varias veces,. Solo se que la vida es ciclica con comiensos intermedios, y este es uno de ellos, a disfrutar que apenas nos damos cuenta. Un abrazo para todos, Salud os deseo.

vicm3 2015-04-27 07:34:31

Happy Bday

Congratulations on all the other big steps, and working on parallel thread :D, also for family business I didn’t attend a release party, but well. Maybe for stretch we can do something for kids.

Best regards.