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Open Source Symposium 2017

I travelled (for three days only!) to Argentina, to be a part of the Open Source Symposium 2017, a co-located event of the International Conference on Software Engineering. This is, all in all, an interesting although small conference — We are around 30 people in the room. This is a quite unusual conference for me, as this is among the first “formal” academic conference I am part of. Sessions have so far been quite interesting. What am I linking to from this image? Of course, the proceedings! They managed to publish the proceedings via the “formal” academic channels (a nice hard-cover Springer volume) under an Open Access license (which is sadly not usual, and is unbelievably expensive). So, you can download the full proceedings, or article by article, in EPUB or in PDF… …Which is very very nice :) Previous editions of this symposium have also their respective proceedings available, but AFAICT they have not been downloadable. So, get the book; it provides very interesant and original insights into our community seen from several quite novel angles!


oss2017_cover.png (84 KB)


gwolf 2017-06-06 09:50:30

I guess the combination :)

I don’t have the details… But it takes a sponsor with ample economic resources to secure an Open Access agreement from Springer. And this is the first time it has happened for this conference (for which it makes more than just a bit of sense!)

vicm3 2017-05-22 10:36:52

I probably not understood

Correctly what is expensive, the license agreement? or making that kind of license with the publisher, Springer? maybe both?