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I was feeling sad and depressed because it’s already late June… And I had not had enough time to get the unofficial Debian Buster Raspberry preview images booting on the entry-level models of the family (Broadcom 2835-based Raspberries 1A, 1B, 0 and 0W). But, this morning I found a very interesting pull request open in our GitHub repository!

Dispatched some piled-up work, and set an image build. Some minutes later, I had a shiny image, raspi0w.tar.gz. Quickly fired up dd to prepare an SD card. Searched for my RPi0w under too many papers until I found it. Connected to my trusty little monitor, and…

So, as a spoiler for my DebConf talk… Yes! We have (apparent, maybe still a bit incomplete) true Debian-plus-the-boot-blob, straight-Buster support for the whole Raspberry Pi family all of the raspberries sold until last month (yeah, the RPi4 is probably not yet supported — the kernel does not yet have a Device Tree for it. But it should be fixed soon, hopefully!)


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gwolf 2019-10-02 10:35:30

How to comment on our processes and stuff

As I see you already did (sorry for the long time in checking whether I have any new comments), I suggest these issues to be reported in our Salsa repo.

gwolf 2019-10-02 10:38:19

Debian/arm64 on RPi4?

I would love to have an answer for you… But I don’t have anything ☹ We need to get the device trees upstreamed to Linux for this to happen.

gwolf 2019-10-02 11:00:53

WiFi setup of zero-w?

Wifi support for 0w is a sore point I have not yet been able to add — But Romain Perier hinted support will be added soon to the kernel in Buster backports.

mgregoire 2019-09-03 03:16:47

config.txt Settings Not Working

First, I understand that since the images are unofficial, I can’t use the BTS for problems/bugs. Is there a mailing list or something else that I should use?

I have a problem with my overscan settings from /boot/firmware/config.txt not working. It looks as if they are operative in the earliest stages of the boot, but after the “Unpacking initramfs…” message, they seem to be ignored. Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks for your work bringing Buster to the Raspberry Pi.

Rick 2019-08-27 16:08:23

Debian/arm64 on RPi4?

Hi gwolf! Thanks for all your work on Debian to support RPi. I’m very eager to install a lite (no desktop), 64-bit version of Debian Buster on RPi 4, and I wonder if there’s anything I can do to encourage getting the device tree support in there (e.g. send someone an RPi 4?). I’m surprised it’s not already there, given that Raspbian Buster Lite installs and runs well.


Steve 2019-08-16 12:53:58

WiFi setup of zero-w?

¡Hola Gunnar!

Great to have Debian on all RasPis[0-3] now! I’ve been running one 3B (no +) to build arm64 packages for fun (mine and the people I’m working for) on Michael’s build, and had acquired some 0w devices recently. Of course I wanted to run “real Debian” on all of them - but how do I connect a 0w to my home network? Is there a checklist what to change in the installed image (SSID, PSK)?

What I can provide in return: If one runs fdisk on the sdcard right after copying the image onto it, and sets aside the trailing x GB of it for a third partition (hint: mkfs and label it “RASPIDATA” or the like), then the auto-resize will use only the empty space for the RASPIROOT. This means if you remember the start sector of the extra partition you can carry over some data if the base system has to be overwritten…

Thanks to all involved for a great result! - S