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For our millionth bug, bookworms eat raspberries alive

I guess you already heard, right? The Debian Bug Tracking System has hit a big milestone! We just passed our one millionth bug report! (and yes, that’s a cause for celebration; bug reporting is probably the best way for the system to grow and improve)

So, to celebrate, I want to announce I have nudged our unofficial Raspberry Pi images build scripts to now also build images for our upcoming Debian release, Debian 12 «Bookworm»

(image above: A bookworm learns about raspberries in various stages of testing. Image sources: Transformers Wiki, CC BY-SA and Sam Saunders at Flickr, CC BY-SA)

So… Get’em while they are fresh!! And enjoy the following (non-book)worm-on-a-raspberry picture from Wikimedia Commons:

Oh, FWIW – The site still shows images for Buster. You will notice they are no longer being autobuilt (why spend CPU time in something that’s no longer going to change significatively?). The Bookworm images are not yet tested; as soon as I can test them, I will drop the Buster ones.