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Refueling the blog

So, it’s this weird time of year where we make a balance and share with the world some ideas about the future. And… yes, it’s time to take care of this blog, as its activity has dropped once again. So… maybe it’d be nice to start this post by checking how much have I blogged over the years:

(yes, this is an old blog)

So… yes, there is a clear downwards trend towards the last few years. And it does make sense, all in all: Not only have I managed to keep myself busier than before, but… Blogging is a social endeavor. And as people have moved over to the different flavors of social networks, there is somewhat less fueling us to share our thoughts and experiences in this fashion.

So this connects me to my first point: Staring at Noodles’ Emptiness, I got to a campaign to Bring Back Blogging. I stand by all of what they suggest: Blogs are a great invention, they allow the sharing of a great insight into a person’s mind, ideas and worldview (and even more so if, like mine, it shows already a window of almost two decades of life! This year my blog will be old enough to vote!), they are completely decentralized, and can be easily grouped according to each readers’ preferences via the RSS format.

Anyway – I do want to write a post summing up 2022, as well as sharing some hopes and projects I have for 2023. But I don’t want to make it too long to read. So… That shall be the blog post for today!

(post caption image by Walt Stoneburner on Flickr; CC BY 2.0)