Goran Bregovic sends me northwards

Submitted by gwolf on Sat, 08/11/2007 - 19:17
What does this topic mean? Hmh... Maybe you don't know Goran Bregovic, a magical Bosnian musician, one of my all-time favorite artists. I have long loved Eastern European music (but I was mostly familiar with the Klezmer style, linked to Ashkenazi Jews but not necessarily performed by them anymore (i.e. Kroke), but it is thanks to Goran that I got familiar with the Balkan style... What can I say about it? It has an addictive rythm, and it has the folk sound of (even very similar instruments to) the Mexican tambora. It is a must-hear genre, in short. There are many magical Balkan music groups, I cannot just recommend one - But if I could, it would be Goran's :)
Now, why is he sending me northwards? Because Goran Bregovic is coming to Mexico - To the Northern city of Monterrey, some 1000Km north from Mexico City - He will be performing at the Forum Universal de las Culturas Monterrey 2007, on September 22, at the Explanada Plaza 400 años.
I know already of a couple of friends who are definitively going, who are searching for the best airfare... This will be something to remember!
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Re: Goran Bregovic sends me northwards

I found a band called Beirut. You need listen it.
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Re: Goran Bregovic sends me northwards

I on the other hand first heard Goran Bregovic over 10 years ago, only recently (2 years) I got familiar with klezmer ... love it, especially a mixture of both.
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Re: Goran Bregovic sends me northwards

Did you went to this weekend Goran's concert?
I went on saturday, it was just great!

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Volimm te Goraneee... VOLIM... VOLIMteee...(I LOVE YOU BREGOVIC) With all my heart...