La mochila viajera — The travelling backpack

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TitleLa mochila viajera — The travelling backpack
Publication TypeBroadcast
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsWolf G, Bello L, Ramón E, Taleno A, Ortega J
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During DebConf12, and thanks to Fito's kind invitation, a bunch of us were part of a radio program that's transmitted in Managua and Chinandega, «La mochila viajera». This program talks about different viewpoints and problematics about migration, seen from the eyes of Nicaraguans, which share quite a bit with us in Mexico — But at the same time, are very different.
I was invited as part of a research group in UNAM on the topic «Communication, trasmigration and emergent systems». To be honest, I'm way behind schedule with the part of the research I should be doing, but here I very roughly describe (part of) the topic I'm interested in.
The session was quite interesting. Of course, the reason I'm sending this to the blog is mainly that I want to keep it at hand, but I think some of you might find it interesting. Of course, it is in Spanish, so… YMMV ;-)

La mochila viajera, 13 de julio del 2012: Migrantes y software libre84.19 MB
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Al fin encuentro la grabación

Anduve buscando esta grabación :) , olvidé pedirsela a Fito
Josue Ortega